Two broken Xboxes for $10?? That’s what I’m talking about!

So I went on a quest last week to get some joysticks for my Atari 2600 but on my way I came across two dead xbox’s (or so the 2nd hand store lady thought) It apeared that some kids took them apart to fix the falty DVD drives that all the first gen xbox’s had. After taking them home,  and a lot of cleaning (one had a nasty skull sticker across the top of it), and pluged them in and discovered that they both worked great! (minus the DVD drive’s of course!) I then attempted to hot-swap mod one of the xboxes. It didn’t go so well and I killed the power supply (Power supply + Fingers = Mysterious black smoke!)  I then tried the other, and managed to mod it without killing it. Then using a little program called CHIP I cloned and locked a new 40GB hard drive that is now running the unit. I just finished with some XBMC and now I got a all out media server/player! Not bad for an afternoon…

openthinclient Server Guide

So, I have been messing around with openthinclient, and I have decided to move it from my current windows box (which is only on when I use it) to my old server (Which used to run freenas)

openthinclient allows you to network boot computers into a nice clean ubuntu install over PXE with out the need for hard drives in the clients. I can see this very useful in schools and work places because almost any computer will do!  Here is my setup:

Xbox Repair Fail!

Yup, I failed… with the help of a friend however, It seemed so easy to replace the heat sink silicone crap on my xbox 360 with some AC5, but I failed… So here is how it went down:

First Post

Yes, this is the first post of my Blog! Enjoy!

What’s on my mind?

Classic Crime Vegabonds comes out it 7 days!