Xbox Repair Fail!

Yup, I failed… with the help of a friend however, It seemed so easy to replace the heat sink silicone crap on my xbox 360 with some AC5, but I failed… So here is how it went down:

Step one: First I took apart the xbox and removed it the motherboard from the tray and then stared at the xclamps for a bit, wondering how to take them off. My friend grabed a flathead and pryed them off, it worked great and the heat sinks were off!

Step two: We put on some new “heat sink silver based heat transfer” on and put the heat sinks back on without the xclamps.

Step three: I fired it up to get two red lights insteed of the three RROD… After another few minutes, we tried pushing the heatsinks down, and it worked! But because of the amount of waite we had to push down to get it to run, my friend got to play halo 3 for the first time, standing on the heatsinks!

Step four: Now, we thought that the newer coolers were better, but they need different screws, which we didn’t pay attention to, and as such, I striped a screw when I attached it, and to get it off, I had to bend it until it broke.

Step five: So this is where I end my story, as we were bending the heat sink, it made contact with a die, and scraped a few traces and knocked a small chip clear off. We still tried that AC5 and the old heatsinks, but all we got was the famous rrod

What am I thinking about now?

Can’t wait for my newish 360 to come in so I can play “blur” before the beta ends!

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