Over-Enginering a Dorm Room Managment System. Part 2: The Software Problem, Solved!

For this project, the software will have to be rather tricky in order to get all the tasks done. One of the main problems is that the Arduino can only run one “program” at a time and does not support threading. The solution will require a more complex piece of code.

Here is what it has to do:

  • Update the LCD
  • Read key presses and act accordingly
  • Keep track of the current time
  • Keep track and update who needs to do what
  • Keep track of who owes who how much

-To interact with the LCD, I am using GLCD

-To interact with the RTC and keep system time, I am using the Time library from the Arduino site

In the end, it actually turned out to be a lot simpler than I thought it was to code, and now, you can see the results below! Enjoy!


As for the source code, you can check it out on the link below. The code is not the greatest, and there WILL be bugs. Let me know what you find so I can update my post/code for everyone else!


You can use it for any project you wish at YOUR OWN RISK! That’s right, if you use my software and somehow start a thermal nuclear war, it’s not my fail darn it! It’s yours!


DMS Software Below:

Version 1.0



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