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Quick Hack: Making a Microsoft 600 Keyboard a 1337 Keyboard

I am actually a big fan of the Microsoft 600 wired keyboard, it’s dirt cheap and it feels good to type on. With the Raspberry Pi on its way, I have come to the realization that I will need a second usb keyboard to use with it. So, for $25, you too can build your […]

Hacking the Samsung “Vice” SCH-R561

So, a few months back, I got my first cell phone, the Samsung “Vice” SCH-R561. Overall I am very happy with this phone cept for one thing… The complete lock-down of the features. First, is the GPS, you can only use it if you download their software (Which they want $6 a month for!) and […]

Two broken Xboxes for $10?? That’s what I’m talking about!

So I went on a quest last week to get some joysticks for my Atari 2600 but on my way I came across two dead xbox’s (or so the 2nd hand store lady thought) It apeared that some kids took them apart to fix the falty DVD drives that all the first gen xbox’s had. […]

Xbox Repair Fail!

Yup, I failed… with the help of a friend however, It seemed so easy to replace the heat sink silicone crap on my xbox 360 with some AC5, but I failed… So here is how it went down: