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Backup and Running!

So, there have not been a lot of updates to this site over the last little while, and it feels like this site might be falling into the abyss of the Internet, but fear not! For two specific reasons, this site will keep working! 1. I just moved the site to my own server! 2. […]

Quick Review ~ Hyundai 9200 Headphones

So my pair of Sony headphones broke(one of the speakers snapped off and super glue was not able to reattach it reliably), and being on a budget, I wanted to get the best bang for my buck for my next pair of headphones. I was searching eBay for a cheap deal and ran across these […]

Picking up Speed!

It seems that I am starting to get a few spam comments, and as such this site is growing! If some one in Russia wants to marry me, all based on this blog, then I’d say this blog is a hit! Stay tuned for partial excitement as I “Chip” my Xbox and install Linux for […]

Not the first!

I just looked my site up in the Internet Time Machine… Man what were they thinking? Why?? They don’t even go by that name! Only I do!*/ Some people….

Two broken Xboxes for $10?? That’s what I’m talking about!

So I went on a quest last week to get some joysticks for my Atari 2600 but on my way I came across two dead xbox’s (or so the 2nd hand store lady thought) It apeared that some kids took them apart to fix the falty DVD drives that all the first gen xbox’s had. […]

First Post

Yes, this is the first post of my Blog! Enjoy! What’s on my mind? Classic Crime Vegabonds comes out it 7 days!