Over-Enginering a Dorm Room Managment System. Part 2: The Software Problem, Solved!

For this project, the software will have to be rather tricky in order to get all the tasks done. One of the main problems is that the Arduino can only run one “program” at a time and does not support threading. The solution will require a more complex piece of code.

Quick Hack: Making a Microsoft 600 Keyboard a 1337 Keyboard

1337 Microsoft Keyboard!!

I am actually a big fan of the Microsoft 600 wired keyboard, it’s dirt cheap and it feels good to type on. With the Raspberry Pi on its way, I have come to the realization that I will need a second usb keyboard to use with it. So, for $25, you too can build your own “1337″ keyboard!

Over-Enginering a Dorm Room Management System. Part 1: The Hardware

Hello all!

After not posting a heck of a lot on this blog, I decided to write up some stuff about  my new Arduino based dorm room management system, and thus begins the first part of the project.

Backup and Running!

So, there have not been a lot of updates to this site over the last little while, and it feels like this site might be falling into the abyss of the Internet, but fear not! For two specific reasons, this site will keep working!

1. I just moved the site to my own server!
2. I’m in the process of starting a public minecraft server, and this site will serve as an outlet for news about the minecraft server.

So, here to the future of Rushpro.net!

And some fun Eyefinity minecraft pic, just cause…

5760x1080 y'all

Quick Review ~ Hyundai 9200 Headphones

So my pair of Sony headphones broke(one of the speakers snapped off and super glue was not able to reattach it reliably), and being on a budget, I wanted to get the best bang for my buck for my next pair of headphones. I was searching eBay for a cheap deal and ran across these headphones for $50. I decided to take a gamble, but after using them for the last month, I would say that they are definitely worth the price!

Setting up an MPD server on Ubuntu 10.04

Ever wonder how the super geeks power their home speaker system? As in, the speaker system running through out their house? Probably with MPD. MPD is a very powerful piece of software that allows you to play, stream and control your entire music collection over TCP/IP.

Wifi Security 101 ~ Are You Secure?

So, you got your self a wireless network eh? Are you sure it’s secure? Read on to find out!

My EEEPC(Above my EEPC, Had some good WEP Cracks with it…)

Hacking the Samsung “Vice” SCH-R561

So, a few months back, I got my first cell phone, the Samsung “Vice” SCH-R561. Overall I am very happy with this phone cept for one thing… The complete lock-down of the features. First, is the GPS, you can only use it if you download their software (Which they want $6 a month for!) and second, it naggs you if you REALLY want your apps to run every time! You can of course hit “4″ when ever it asks you (so it will not ask you again) but programs like Opera and Gmail will not be able to save passwords or save bookmarks. So after a little Googling, and some 1337 skills, I hacked my way in and unlocked this phone! Here is how I did it:

Picking up Speed!

It seems that I am starting to get a few spam comments, and as such this site is growing! If some one in Russia wants to marry me, all based on this blog, then I’d say this blog is a hit! Stay tuned for partial excitement as I “Chip” my Xbox and install Linux for my next post!

Not the first Rushpro.net!

I just looked my site up in the Internet Time Machine…
Man what were they thinking? Rushpro.net? Why?? They don’t even go by that name!
Only I do!


Some people….